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You Make Your Own Luck with Tara Rohe

Dear Construction Nation,

I’ve always heard that when preparation meets opportunity that is where you find the greatest luck! Well, my guest on Lead with Trust today, Taha Rohe, creates luck for her projects, and has for herself on her journey from being an Office Clerk to becoming a Project Administrator (Manager) for her company, Allied Painting, Inc.

Tara’s interview is part four of our Bringing Women into Construction Series, where we are trying to understand how we can increase the number of women in construction so we can fill the 500,000 vacant construction positions.

When I started working with Tara, she had just moved out from New Jersey to take on leading the first project ever done by her company in California. She and Allied Painting moved their entire crew to California. At the beginning there were some strong concerns about working with an out of state contractor from New Jersey. I recall working with some contractors in Connecticut several years back, and they kept telling me that at least Connecticut contractors aren’t as adversarial as those in New Jersey!

There was some fear!

Almost from day one, Tara led her team in a way that developed strong trust. They performed at a very high level, stayed on top of issues, and when asked the status on an issue, almost always had already resolved it. I recall hearing that there was an eight-month delay in getting special paint needed for this project. Well, Tara ordered the paint and worked with the manufacturer way ahead of time so there was never an issue. Each new issue that emerged, she worked through it, including any issues with the subcontractors.

I never graduated college, I went and I took some courses. I was hired on my hard work and my can-do attitude, really, you know, just, that’s what moved me up.” – Tara Rohe

Tara started her construction career as a clerk answering phones. She was hungry to learn so she kept asking for more opportunities, and she was given them. She discussed the many benefits of working for a company that embraces people for who they are. And she shares how she wishes Partnering, and working together, were more of a norm in New Jersey.

I think you will enjoy getting to know Tara Rohe. I sure have as we’ve worked on a project together for the past couple of years.

Enjoy Construction Nation,

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