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Lead with Trust

The podcast is all about helping construction leaders build their business on a foundation of TRUST!



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Trust is the New Currency of Construction

High Trust = High Performance

At the core of construction business profitability is a culture of trust. And while most construction leaders would believe themselves, their team, and business to be trustworthy, there is little to no guidance on how to boost your level of trust quickly and systematically.

Your business has a direct impact on the outcome of every project you work on. Trusted construction leaders build trusted businesses that become great project partners!

Author of the #2 Wall Street Journal bestselling book, The Trusted Leader, Sue Dyer has spent four decades as a thought leader in the construction industry. Known as “the godmother of partnering”, she has worked on 4,000 projects worth over $180 billion. She spent the past 35 years proving and refining her Construction Trust Models.

Lead with Trust Podcast is devoted to helping YOU become the trusted leader that builds a trusted business that becomes a great project partner!

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This podcast started because...

It takes dozens of different organizations coming together to have a successful project. Any ONE of those businesses can have a profound negative impact on the success of the project. Think about your projects. What happens when ONE business becomes adversarial or fearful? What happens to the project? To your results? Yes, success becomes dramatically more difficult.

With Fear…

Projects are built on a foundation of trust. Lead with Trust podcast will offer you tools, insights, lessons learned, and how-to training for boosting the level of trust in your business so you can become a great project partner.


Who Will Benefit?

This podcast is for any business/organization that can impact the delivery of a project, including:

Facility owners, owner stakeholders; general contractors or builders, architects, engineers and subconsultants, owner’s representatives, materials suppliers, equipment suppliers, technology suppliers, testing and inspection services, and more.

Lead with Trust podcast is for businesses engaged any of the following delivery methods:

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