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From the Field to CEO with Kaitlin Frank

Dear Construction Nation,

What led you to your construction career? Did you grow up with your family working in construction? Did you just like building things?  We all have our path that brought us to this phenomenal industry. The same is true for Kaitlin Frank. Kaitlin is our next guest in the Bringing Women into Construction Series, where we are seeking insights on how to bring women into the industry to help fill the ½ billion construction jobs that are going unfilled today.

Kaitlin grew up with her father as a contractor. She got a Master’s Degree in Construction Management. Then worked as a Field Superintendent for many large commercial construction projects in Boston and San Francisco. She loved working in the field because she knew that sitting behind a desk was not for her!

When she was out in the field, they always had safety incentives and programs to make sure everyone stayed safe. Kaitlin said that they were mostly check the box type of programs that were very transactional and really didn’t create a safe environment. When she found construction technology, she felt that she could impact more people in a bigger way than she could as a field superintendent, and really improve job site safety.

Listen to my interview with Kaitlin Frank to learn more.

Today Kaitlin is the CEO of eMod. She saw the need for dynamic digital solution to the static, paper driven safety programs that were being use. She wanted a way to make sure that a project leader could be certain their project was 100% compliant if OSHA came out to the job site.

It is so cool how she brought her Field Superintendent experience to help the tech experts build tools to help us all. The safety app also works to create a culture of safety accountability. These are all things that Kaitlin was questioning and thinking about, which eventually led to the creation of eMod.

What do you think about Construction Nation? Do you have ideas for ways to improve your projects? Your results? Your processes? Maybe you can take a page from Kaitlin’s book and find tech partner to help you really make a difference for the industry. 

Until next time, Construction Nation,

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