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Start Your Trusted Leader Journey By Taking The FREE Trusted Leader Profile

Learn where you fall along the sudyco™ Leadership Continuum​

Understand the norms you bring to your business​

Unlock the confident trusted leader within you​

When your business is not built on a foundation of trust you must deal with many things that put your business at risk:

No one can lead in this atmosphere!

It is impossible to lead a high trust business when people won’t tell you what is going on, are not working together, or not focused on the good of the overall business.

The sudyco™ Trusted Leader Profile can be a great way to start your trusted leader journey. It allows you to take charge of the atmosphere in your business by helping you understand what you can do to create trust within your business. With understanding you can make better choices and grow the level of trust…and your results!

High Trust = High Performance

The ability to create a high trust high performing team and business is the critical element for leaders today… at all levels; in all industries

Until now, this proven Partnering Approach was only available to elite construction leaders, where it produced:

The Trusted Leader Profile allows you to understand your current leadership style and measure your progress as you work to increase your atmosphere of trust.

You will also be able to see where there are any gaps between how you perceive you are leading and the norms you are creating. And best of all, you and your team’s first assessment is always FREE.

We understand:

  • The pressure of leading can at times be overwhelming .
  • How poor communication can be frustrating and play havoc.
  • It can be all consuming to try and meet the promises made to customers.

We’ve guided over 48,000 leaders in creating a culture of trust.

Helped on over $180 billion worth of projects/initiatives.

Watched hundreds of teams achieve what they thought was impossible, together.

Want to Better Understand your Trusted Leader Profile Results?


The Trusted Leader Profile is an online assessment tool that provides you a personalized report that profiles you as a leader and includes your primary and secondary leadership style along with your Trust level.

It is a snapshot in time that measures your current leadership style along the sudyco™ Leadership Continuum. The continuum goes from fear on one side, to trust on the other. Your style will fall within one of the five styles that go along the continuum.

You can use your Trusted Leader Profile to start your Trusted Leader journey toward becoming a high trust leader, with the highest trust business, in your market!



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