Trusted Leadership Programs

Optimize Your Construction Business by Using TRUST to Build Next Level Productivity, Growth, and Satisfaction!

Our Trusted Leadership Programs are the only proven construction implementation programs of their kind that…

  • Shows you exactly how to create a high-trust culture that produces extraordinary results.
  • Helps you develop a high-trust business strategy that optimizes your business above the rest in your market.

Explode the growth of your business

Learn you can do the impossible

Increase customer and employee satisfaction


The Trust

Trust doesn’t exist by itself- it exists between people! That includes the people inside your business and projects!

A Trust Workshop is the best way to assure your business is performing at its highest level, by boosting TRUST internally!

What happens inside of your business ALWAYS gets reflected back out to your projects – and determines what’s even possible.


The Trusted Leader
Executive Coaching

Dive in and be coached by Sue Dyer, a distinguished thought leader in trust and partnering by enrolling in the 90-Day Do-the-Impossible Executive Coaching Program. 

Do you feel like leading your business has become overwhelming – like a merry-go-round that never stops? Do you feel like you don’t have any choice but to keep going? 

This happens to most leaders at some point, but you don’t have to stay here. 

Every day, most business leaders make a mistake that costs them money and opportunity: they fail to see how fear shows up as poor communication and makes it impossible for them to lead. 

The Partnering Approach creates Trusted Leaders that drive out fear by replacing it with trust; so, you can tap in to the collective wisdom of your team, attract the best of the best, and enjoy higher margins.



Take the Trusted Leader Pledge

Join the growing number of leaders committed to building their business on a foundation of TRUST!



Join Sue Dyer as you discover more about your personal leadership style, and how trust is the essential ingredient in every successful business.

Trusted Leader


Trusted Leader


Trusted Leader


Trusted Leader


Lead With Trust


Trusted Leader


Trusted Leader


Trusted Leader



Stop Wasting Your Precious Resources

At the core of business profitability and culture is trust. And while most executives would believe their organization to be trustworthy, there is little to no guidance available on how to actually improve those levels quickly and systematically.

Sue Dyer has spent 35 years proving and refining her Trusted Leadership Models with more than 48,000 executive leaders, bringing in over $180 billion across 4,000+ projects. 

Five university-level studies prove the efficacy and replicability of Sue’s partnering model. These monumental studies show that businesses experience a significant reduction in total cost and time, along with a dramatic increase in employee retention and customer satisfaction, when implemented correctly.

The Trusted Leadership Effect creates and accelerates exponential results over the lifetime of the business, for a fraction of the cost and time. Same resources, extraordinary results.



Core Values







Our Core Values create a high trust environment


Giving Back

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Take The Trusted Leader Pledge

Join a community of leaders committed to building their business on a foundation of trust!

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Take the sudyco™

Trusted Leader Profile

Sue Dyer developed the Trusted Leader Profile so you can better understand your leadership style and have a clear direction on where you need to go to increase trust in your business.

After you’ve taken the free Trusted Leader Profile you will know:

It is recommended that you take the Trusted Leader Profile quarterly, so you can see your progress!

The sudyco™

Trusted Leader Class

Each free class shows you how:

Apply today to learn more about mastering Trusted Leadership!

Train your brain with daily practice using

The Trusted Leader Daily Journal

Trusted Leadership takes practice and so Sue has created The Trusted Leader Daily Journal to help you train your brain to think and act like a trusted leader so you can create the high trust, high performing, innovative, extraordinary, business that you want!

The sudyco™ 90-day Do-the-Impossible

Group Coaching Program

Sue’s 90-Day Do-the-Impossible Group Coaching Program is a 12 week curriculum brought to you by a renowned thought leader in trust and partnering; so you can identify the one thing that can transform your business. Then together, you walk through it’s implementation.

Invest In Yourself and Your Business

Apply for Sue to be your coach.

Join Sue every week on


Take Sue’s wisdom with you in your pocket, car, walk or office. Each week Sue and her guests bring to you the latest tips and strategies for becoming the trusted leader for your business – no matter where you are in your trusted leader journey.

Meet interesting guests who share their secrets and struggles as they journey to become trusted leaders for their businesses and hear from experts who will mentor you to leverage what you are doing for even better results.

The sudyco™

Trusted Leader Consulting

Imagine having lifetime access to Sue Dyer as your personal coach to walk you through how to become the trusted leader for your business by using the Partnering Approach to build a high trust high performing business.

Trusted Leader Consulting Services Include:

Apply today to take your business to the next level!

The sudyco™

Trusted Leader Private Workshop

Bring a sudyco™ certified facilitator to your business and learn how to apply the Partnering Approach directly to your business and create your 12-month trust plan.

Day One


Understand Your Trusted Leader Style
The morning focuses on each person, as a leader, and works to improve their ability to lead. You will understand what kills businesses and how to overcome these forces. You will learn the sudyco™ Trusted Leader model and where you fall along the Continuum of Leadership. You will get a snapshot of your strengths and weaknesses as a leader at this point in time.


Learn to Use the Partnering Approach
Then you will learn the 2- keys to the Partnering Approach. The Partnering Approach allows you to think and act like a trusted leader for your organization. To achieve this, you will want to start training your brain through daily practice to think and act like a Trusted Leader. Your brain is a beautiful bio-computer that can help or hinder you.

Day Two


Create Your Trust Strategy
Day two builds what you’ve learned to co-create a strategy and implementation plan for your business based on the Trusted Leader model. During the morning you will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your current business culture, and where you can achieve the greatest benefit from improving the level of trust. You will work to create a sustainable trust strategy for your business that elevates your competitive advantage.


12-Month Trust Strategy Implementation Plan
Armed with your trust strategy, you and your leadership team will co-create a 12-month Trusted Leader Implementation Plan specific for your business. The real benefits of learning how to become a Trusted Leader is implementing in throughout your organization. It is like starting a Trust Movement! This may include a Trusted Leader Scorecard so you can measure how well you and your team are doing at implementing the commitments you’ve made.


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Trust is the new currency for construction, as we move toward collaborative delivery.

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