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Bringing Women into the Operating Engineers with Meg-Anne Pryor

Hey Construction Nation,

I was on a project last week where we needed to add a crew so that we could get some work done before the weather hit. The contractor had to explain that he just didn’t have any more people to bring onto the job. I’m seeing more and more projects struggling with having enough people to fully support their projects. And it isn’t just the contractors struggling. I hear all the time that we don’t have enough people. I have one project that started without an RE, Senior RE, or Field Engineer. The Area Manager was trying to run all the projects by himself.

This lack of an adequate number of people is why I’m doing this series of podcasts on Bringing Women into Construction – we have over a half billion construction jobs unfilled and we need to attract new people into the industry.

I had a wonderful opportunity to interview Meg-Anne Pryor who is the Apprenticeship Coordinator at Operating Engineers Local #3. Meg-Anne is a powerhouse of enthusiasm for working in the trades. She feels that it has given her the opportunity to buy a house and create a lifestyle that she always wanted. 

To attract people, we need to explore what makes working in construction attractive. I think Meg-Anne offers some great insights into how people could see construction as a real opportunity for themselves. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did!!

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