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Women Leading the Job with Kabri Schmid

Dear Construction Nation,

Hold on to your hats because I interviewed Kabri Schmid and she is a rock star in construction! 

Kabri was recognized as one of ENR‘s 2023 Top 20 Under 40 National Honorees and Construction Business Owner‘s 2019 Outstanding Women in Construction. Kabri is also the recipient of AGC of Washington’s 2022 inaugural Rising Star award and Washington Women in Trades’ 2019 Workplace Leader Award.

Kabri is a Project Superintendent at Hensel Phelps. Her 16-year career portfolio showcases her depth of skill as a superintendent across all project phases on highly phased, active campus projects totaling over $1.9B work in place. 

Kabri works to be a valued partner to clients and trade partners. She loves working as the controller of building strategy and she is an attentive coordinator of construction teams, working for outcomes rooted in the mutually-beneficial relationships. 

Kabri is the most experienced women we’ve asked to be part of our Bringing Women Into Construction series.

One thing Kabri shared, that really stood out to me was that she was not aware of construction as a career opportunity. I wonder how many women (and others) are unaware of the wonderful career they could have in construction. We as companies, and as an industry, need to do a better job at getting the word out.

I love that Kabri shared her journey to becoming a Project Superintendent for a very large building contractor. You can see how much she brings to the job and to her teams. She is a great example of women leading the job, and all that she brings to it! 

Wouldn’t you like to have someone like Kabri to lead your teams?! 

Enjoy, Construction Nation!

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