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If You Love Construction Say Something with Sue Weiler-Doke

Hey Construction Nation,

This month we continue our Bringing Women into Construction Series with Sue Weiler-Doke who lead a panel at the Construction Financial Management Association on Women in Construction. Join us to learn more about the insights her panel brought to light.

In this podcast episode, we explore Sue and I discussed the transformation of the construction industry and the significant impacts women are making in construction, in leadership positions, and how trust has played a pivotal role in this evolution.

if you want to read some other things that I’ve written this month check this article out.


Recently someone mentioned to me how they were having trouble understanding why the new generations, and construction workers post-COVID, don’t seem to want to work anymore. They feel like they are all alone on an island trying to build their projects and can’t reach their team.  Does this sound familiar to you?  

Learn how changing your mindset and creating a trusting atmosphere in your teams, projects, and organizations can help in the September 18th OrgMetrics newsletter.

Take care Construction Nation,

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