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Celebrating an All Female Pre-Apprentice

Dear Construction Nation,

This year we’ve been journeying into how to fill the 500,000 open jobs that exist in construction today. We’ve head from women who are working in the industry and learned about their path to success. Today, we are going to learn about an extraordinary all female pre-apprentice program that has been developed by the Carpenters Union. So, if you have daughters, wives, sisters (or sons) who want to learn more about how they can become a journeyman carpenter and make over $70 per hour, listen to this next episode in our series on Bringing Women into Construction.

This approach of developing an all-female pre apprentice program seems to be having some significant success. Susan Rodriguez is a Field Representative and Jacob Adiarte is the Director of Organizing for the Northern California Carpenters Regional Council. 

So far, after each 12-week long pre-apprentice class, the pre-apprentices end up with the certifications they need, key tools they need, a support group of fellow apprentices, and are lined up with a job with a contractor. As apprentices they make around $30 an hour. 

Of course, there are coed pre-apprentice programs within the Carpenters Union, but they have found a real uptick in success by doing an all-female program. I love their vision of having two women on each crew. That would surely increase the number of people in the trades that is so clearly needed.

Listen in to learn about this exciting program, how you might sign up and why other trades are not innovating in the same way to fill empty construction jobs. 

I think you’re in for a real treat!!

Thanks Construction Nation,

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