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Thriving as Owner of a Specialty Trade Company with Coralee Bailey

Hey Construction Nation,

I hope you had a great 4th of July!

This month we are continuing our series on Bringing Women into Construction with Coralee Beatty. She grew and sold a specialty trade construction company and shares her lessons learned. 

Coralee says the 4 key barriers for women for entering into construction are:

  1. Family obligations – particularly child care
  2. Toxic environment – including lack of respect
  3. Lack of opportunity – good jobs don’t come your way
  4. Lack of advancement – no place for you to go

She also talks about how the key to her business success was when they put systems and processes together that supported the growth of the company. 

I think you will enjoy all the lessons learned from Coralee!


You’ve heard me talk for decades about how important culture is to the success of our construction projects.  I was recently asked, “How does culture show up on our projects?” 

Read my answer in the June 12th OrgMetrics newsletter.


Check out my Lead With Trust column inUCON Magazine. In June’s column, “Workforce Realities 2023,” we discuss the issue of the lack of workforce in the construction industry and I share 12 lessons I have learned from  the remarkable women I have interviewed for my Bringing Women Into Construction series.

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