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Want to Know the Secret to Creating Great Project Teams?

Dear Construction Nation,

Great project teams are developed by great leaders and that is exactly what Jeff Sims brings to each project and program he works on. Please join me today in learning about the secrets to creating great project teams with Jeff Sims. 

I first met Jeff when he was leading a large scientific project and he was really remarkable. We could tell this, because he came into the project just after we started and  single handedly turned it around by creating a high trust, collaborative, innovative atmosphere. He also created a bridge between the internal scientist stakeholders who needed to feel heard and the rest of the team. Since then, Jeff has led many other wonderful efforts to construct large scientific buildings for owners.

I first interviewed Jeff for the Construction Dream Team Podcast where he shared about the Department of Energy’s Project Leadership Institute he was tasked to lead. You can listen to that episode here.

Today Jeff dives in to give us some clear tools we as leaders can use to create fantastic teams and successful projects such as listening and using empathy balanced with accountability. I think you will love this insightful episode from one of our top construction leaders.

Listen to my interview with Jeff Sims, episode 59 on the Lead With Trust Podcast, or watch the interview on YouTube. 

Until next time Construction Nation,

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