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Delivery Diplomacy Worldwide

Dear Construction Nation,

Can you imagine constructing a large building in a country that is not all that friendly with your country? 

And training a local workforce while adhering to very strict safety procedures?  

Well, that is exactly what Tracy Thomas and her team at OBO do every day all over the world – even when there are global threats to their facilities.

Tracy Thomas is the Managing Director for Construction, Facility & Security Management, for the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO). She has dedicated her work-life to foreign service. I hope you will listen in to our conversation about how she and her team provide buildings to support the United States’ foreign policy. Tracy has some great stories!!

Construction is always challenging. Wonderful, but challenging. OBO constructs buildings, embassies, and consulates as a vehicle for diplomacy, and I hope you will feel as grateful to Tracy and her team as I did after talking with her.

Find out more about the United States Department of State Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations.

Listen to my interview with Tracy Thomas, episode 58 on the Lead With Trust Podcast, or watch the interview on YouTube.

Until next week Construction Nation,

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