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The Surprising Benefits of Being a Trusted Leader

Picture this: it’s your first day at a new job, you’re nervous, but still pretty excited, and you’re meeting your boss for the first time. 

In that initial meet and greet, you get the feeling that you can rely on them, and as you work together you begin to trust them and understand the trust they cultivate for their team. They’ll ensure that your time at the company is successful and beneficial to both you and the business. This relationship continues to flourish during your employment, crafting a strong bond among you and your teammates and leading your team to share the same commitment to success — with your trusted leader at the helm. 

If you’re working to instill trust in your organization–I applaud you! In this week’s video, I discuss how a trusted leader is directly related to creating a cohesive environment for your team. This cohesion translates into more creative and innovative work performed by your employees. In fact, the type of atmosphere that trust creates can have long-reaching effects that you may not even be able to imagine yet.

In my years as a leadership consultant and CEO of sudyco™, I’ve met many business leaders that believe if they’re thinking with creativity and innovation then the same mentality will automatically trickle down into the rest of their business. I know from experience that this isn’t the case. The first step in cultivating the type of performance that can change the way an entire industry works starts with a trustworthy leader. 

The bond that’s created when a team member trusts their leader is irreplaceable and it can’t be faked. True trust leads to a cohesive working community that shares the same vision of their business’s success. Your employees feel as if they’re choosing to work for you–not like they have to. This high performing business allows for the percolation of ideas that wouldn’t be possible without cohesive support.

Trusted leadership leads to a company-wide commitment to their leader, their team, and their company’s success. Invest in yourself today and become that leader.



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