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Controlling Complexity with One Team

What really destroys businesses while growing and scaling is how you deal with the expanding complexity. A naturally occurring symptom of complexity is chaos. The best way to think about complexity in business is through lines of communication. If you are working with one other person, there is only one line of communication. Working with eight people will create 28 lines of communication to deal with. That growth in communication is why complexity occurs in organizations and your business. It makes scaling difficult because your people don’t know what is of the highest priority. 

Complexity in communication within your business causes questions to arise, like-

How do we get a decision?

How do we talk to everyone?

How do we know what we’re supposed to do?

How do we coordinate with others?

To ease this complexity, I created a methodology that works with small and large organizations. 

It is what I call ONE TEAM.

Everything that you do in your business is about creating ONE TEAM focused on the success of your business.

That focus is ONE THING. 

Ask yourself, “what is the one thing I want everyone to be focused on?” Implement that ONE THING and everyone aligns behind that focus. Everything that your team knows and does in their daily work is to achieve that ONE THING as ONE TEAM.

Having a common team goal has been shown to melt away the complexity.

If you want to take it up a notch, have a methodology or process for allowing your team to co-create that one thing and have a campaign around one team. No matter what level or department you’re in. You’re all ONE TEAM united under a common goal. 

This will exponentially improve communication and coordination. Your business will achieve things in a way it couldn’t have done before.

Find that ONE THING that your ONE TEAM can achieve.



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