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Local vs.Global Optimization: Which one is your business practicing?

Trust is crucial for your business, especially when it comes to working together.

If your company is structured into various teams within the organization, there is a chance there may be a disconnect between the goals of the particular team and the goals of the business as a whole. It makes sense at face value; the reason the company is divided in teams at all is because they have the particular skill sets and knowledge of subject matter to achieve their goals, objectives, and KPI’s based on what it is they need to achieve.

However, this leads to Local Optimization to that particular group. They’re optimized, trying to be the best they can be without realizing they may be inconsistent with the other goals, or overall goal of the company. This can create frustration, conflict, and lack of communication, which will poison your business.

What your business truly needs is Global Optimization. Global Optimization for your business calls for all factions to work together in order to improve their efficiency and strive toward a shared goal.

This week, take a hard look at your business and figure out if you’re achieving Global Optimization. 



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