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The Prescription for Conflict in the Workplace

We know that business success hinges on great leadership. A leader sets the tone for the working environment and has the power to encourage or discourage their team.

I see so many business leaders that are frustrated and mired in conflict in the workplace, and as a result aren’t very productive. 

How does this conflict affect the business?

Far too often I see that leaders tend to be protective, both of themselves and their business. Having not cultivated the necessary trust, they can’t fully share and in turn create little transparency. They may feel like they are adversarial, even with their own people and certainly with their customers.

A business can not operate like a zero sum game. In a zero sum game, where one plus one is zero, one party’s gain is the other party’s loss. This outcome ends up not benefiting anyone: the business leader, employees, customers, and even the industry you serve. This mentality leads us to operate out of fear and fear creates its own havoc.

So what’s the prescription for conflict in the workplace? If I had a magic wand and could change how people work together in their business, what would I do?

I would make sure we had high trust leaders. It’s essential that leaders know their number one job is to create a high trust work environment. Working together to create trust with your team will not only create a better work environment, but will also increase productivity.

If you had a magic wand and could wave it to create an atmosphere of extraordinary success, and increase trust, what would you change? 



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