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The Trusted Leader Profile

Over the past year, I created aTrusted Leader Profile for you that is completely revamped and updated from an old version I was using. I am so excited to share this resource with you. The Trusted Leader Profile is an assessment..

The Three Levels Of Resistance

You may think fear works; keeping people a little afraid to stay motivated. If you’re dictating to them what to do, they are likely to comply, but that does not mean they are following you.

Fear and Trust Cannot Coexist

If you are working towards trust, it is vital to understand what is on the other side. Naturally, you might ask, “what is the opposite of trust? The opposite of trust is fear. This means that fear and trust cannot coexist. As you look to improve the level of trust within your business, you must […]

The Trust-Cost Relationship

25 years ago, I came across some research that I thought was so dramatic at the time. This research displayed the importance of cooperation, collaboration and co-creation, especially when they are built on a co-trust environment and paradigm. The research was this: there is a direct correlation between the level of trust and the cost […]

It Started with a Fistfight

I began my trusted leadership journey many decades ago. While the journey has been a long one, it has been the most rewarding process I have ever experienced. It all started when I became the Executive Director of what is now one of the largest construction trade associations west of the Mississippi. This role carried […]

Adversarial Communication in Business

Last week I had mentioned arm wrestling and how it sets up an adversarial way of looking at each other. A way that prevents us from seeing what might be possible. I have been receiving questions like “how does that happen?” and “why does that happen in my business?” Well, it happens in an instant, […]

The Key is Cooperation

Have you ever arm wrestled?  When working with teams, I love doing an arm wrestling exercise. I task each pair with trying to get the most amount of points in 20 seconds, with one “win” equalling one point. Every person begins struggling trying to get their arm to work so their opponent doesn’t get any […]

Controlling Complexity with One Team

What really destroys businesses while growing and scaling is how you deal with the expanding complexity. A naturally occurring symptom of complexity is chaos. The best way to think about complexity in business is through lines of communication. If you are working with one other person, there is only one line of communication. Working with […]

The Surprising Benefits of Being a Trusted Leader

Picture this: it’s your first day at a new job, you’re nervous, but still pretty excited, and you’re meeting your boss for the first time.  In that initial meet and greet, you get the feeling that you can rely on them, and as you work together you begin to trust them and understand the trust […]

What Happens When You Lead With Fear?

Have you ever been in a work environment where you felt like you were being forced to do something in a way you wouldn’t have done it? Working under a feared leader creates a work culture that molds employees to comply because they think it’s my job. How do you know you’re working under a […]



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