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Three Steps to Drive Out Fear and Create Trusted Leadership

Dear Construction Nation,

I just kicked-off partnering on a project where the team gave me their list of “risks.” Then, I got an email from the construction executive asking me NOT to use this list. They were afraid to share with the owner’s team their frustration and fear.

This is not an unusual situation. Of course, you don’t want to just “dump” on your counterparts. But to be afraid to share your perspective, needs, and truth, is a great example of how “fear” creeps into our projects. Fear prevents trust from building. Fear actually drives out TRUST! And the team is left unable to resolve the issues and the project is damaged.

So, this week I am going to share with you three steps you can take to drive out fear and create trusted Leadership!

Step #1: Use the Partnering Approach

There are two parts to the Partnering Approach. These two parts help you to think and act like a trusted leader, so you create a high trust culture:

The first part is the mindset that is created by the 10 Partnering Principles. These act like a high trust point-of-view that allows you to create high trust intentions. High trust intentions help you think and act like a trusted leader so you can create a high trust atmosphere.

The second part is getting people to act in a high trust manner. This is created by using the 6 Partnering Values. These help you bring your intentions to your team in harmony. 

The Values foster the behavior you need to create a high trust culture. Values create attitudes, and attitudes create behaviors. You can’t see values, but you can experience them as attitudes, and see them play out as behaviors. So, if you want to create high trust behaviors, you must start with high trust values.

In my book, The Trusted Leader, I laid out a framework for you to “train your brain” to think and act like a Trusted Leader using these two parts of the Partnering Approach. I also created a journal for you to use to walk you though training your brain. 

Step #2: Grow Trusted Leaders

As you work to boost your level of trust within your business, you will also want to train others to become trusted leaders. You will need trusted leaders at ALL levels and in the different areas of your business. The more trusted leaders you have, the faster you will build a high trust culture and the farther you can take your business. Imagine if Trusted Leadership becomes the NORM for how you operate as a team and business!

Remember this isn’t all “kumbaya” – it is about trusting each other to share your perspective, and learn from one another, and your stakeholders, so you can get better and better. It does not mean that you never disagree – in fact, differences of opinion and perspective is what allows for the collective wisdom to come forth and  lead you exactly to what you need to do. Alignment toward shared goals is what focuses the team’s efforts and creativity so there are no divergent interests working against you.

Step #3: Create a Trust Strategy

Do your people know the #1 thing they can do to help you and your organization, not just succeed, but become extraordinary? That would be creating a strategy within your business or team for developing a high trust, high performing, culture.

What if everyone in the organization was committed to working together to achieve the plan, together? This is a game changer for most leaders! Without a trust strategy it can be hard to get everyone aligned behind the initiatives needed to create high trust and high performance.

What if you had a 12-month Trust Plan based on your Trust Strategy, for leveling up trust in those areas where there is the greatest need, or the highest return-on-investment? 
You can hold a Trust Workshop to develop this plan with all your key employees so they help to co-create the plan.

By using these three steps, you will do a great deal to drive out FEAR from your business, organization, or team! You can start with one step at a time and prove to yourself that it really works!! 

In Trust,

P.S.  Curious how you can improve your project’s chance at success?

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