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The Top 10 Podcasts for Construction Leaders in 2022

Hi Construction Nation!

I love podcasts! I love to learn and keep up on trends and what’s leading edge. Podcasts are so perfect to accomplish this! First, they are audio, so I can listen while I walk, drive, exercise, or do the dishes. Second, they are FREE! Third, you get direct access to learn from some of the top industry leaders and experts right in your ears!! What is not to love???

I listen to seventeen different podcasts each week. All are business related. I’ve learned so many things from my podcasts. I think they are such a fantastic phenomenon that I hope all of you will take advantage of learning about how to be a better leader and/or business owner, how to hire great people and keep them, how to understand what is happening all over the US, and world! You can really learn anything you need to know. All this knowledge is being produced for you and laid at your feet (well your ears)! 

Did I mention that it is FREE?!

In 2022 about 50% of construction folks are listening to at least one podcast and most people listen to between 5-7 different podcasts. But I still have people ask me, “What is a podcast?” and “How do I listen to a podcast?”  So, I thought I would start with a bit of history and give you some tips on how to access podcasts.

What is a Podcast?
A podcast is an audio file that’s made available on the internet. Listeners can download the file to their devices or stream it through a listening app. Episodes are typically released as part of a series.

How do I listen to a Podcast? 
There are many ways to listen to podcasts on your computer, smartphone, or smart home device. You can even listen on modern gaming consoles and smart TVs. Odds are, if the device has a speaker or headphone jack, you can listen to podcasts on it. Your phone likely has a podcast app – apple podcasts is the purple icon above. But you can listen to podcasts many places as there is a distribution system that publishes podcasts to all of the various podcast outlets.

How Many Podcasts are There in 2022?
There are currently 2.2 million podcasts out there. But only 156K have weekly episodes or more. There is a total of 700K podcasts in the USA. Podcasting is growing and will continue to grow as part of the educational transformation that has been occurring. Where people anywhere, at any time, have access to top information and education that used to be reserved only for those with the resources to access these.

It’s Time to Start!
The first step, is to get “plugged in.” Check to see if you already have a podcast app on your phone. If not download one from your app provider. Once you have your app installed you can search all the published podcasts!!! Find your favorite and subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. You can share your favorite episodes or save them so you can listen again. It is totally awesome!!

Sue’s Top Ten Podcasts for Construction Leaders in 2022
To make your searching easier and your learning faster, I thought I would share with you my Top Ten Podcasts for Construction Leaders in 2022. These are podcasts I think have something important to offer to you. So here we go. 

Top Ten Podcasts for Construction Leaders in 2022 are:

#1. Lead with Trust for Construction Leaders – Sue Dyer
This (my) podcast launched in January 2022 at #36 on iTunes (Business Management). It is the only podcast specifically about leadership for construction leaders. Each solo episode is like a “mini training” curated to help you learn what works and doesn’t work, so you can create and lead high trust, high performing construction business and projects. The interviews are with some of the most interesting leaders, who range from the leader of a Trust Lab, to bestselling authors on trust, to seasoned construction leaders sharing their success and challenge stories. The podcast is curated to help you learn more about becoming a trusted leader. Sue’s objective for the podcast is to give back to the industry by openly sharing the insights and lessons she’s learned over the past 30+ years.

Who It’s For: This podcast is for Public and Private Facility Owners, General Contractors, Builders, Subcontractors, Construction Managers, Architects, Engineers, Design Subcontractor Consultants, Materials Suppliers, Equipment Suppliers, Technology Suppliers, and any business that serves the construction industry.

#2. Inside the Castle – USACE Headquarters
This podcast is produced inside the US Army Corps of Engineers headquarters to share, openly, their commitment to learning and being a trusting organization with all their employees worldwide. If you work with, or want to work with the USACE, then this podcast will be a must for you. I also think that many of the things they are doing on their projects, are leading edge for the federal government agencies. This podcast will offer insights into the inner workings of the USACE.

Who It’s For: Contractors, Builders, Construction Managers, and Designers who are, or want to work with the USACE. It is also for facility owners who might want to learn what the USACE is doing and how they are operating.

#3. The Lien Zone – Alex Barthett
The Lien Zone is a great podcast that covers a wide variety of construction law topics. Each episode is short at around 15 minutes. While Alex, the host, practices law in South Florida, the topics he addresses are universal. Alex has a unique perspective as he sees many, many projects and when he gets involved, things have not gone well. He has a great way to helping listeners keep out of trouble. To his audience, he is the “answer man.”

Who It’s For: Anyone interested in construction law perspectives and requirements – from the basics, like how liens work, to leading edge issues, like supply chain challenges.

#4. Bridging The Gap – Todd Weyandt
This podcast is a really great one that focuses on innovation, and specifically the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) industry. So many of our buildings have challenges with MEP, and this podcast is a great one to keep up with the new innovations happening in that area. If you are in the MEP trades, you are going to want to listen to this podcast that looks at technology, different perspectives, and some of the soft skills needed for success. I also like that it offers the perspective of how incredible construction is, and champions the fact that construction is a great industry to work in. You know I LOVE construction!!

Who It’s For: MEP Contractors, Builders, Architects, and anyone interested in the latest trends and innovations for MEP design and construction.

#5. ENR Critical Path Podcast – Aileen Cho & Jeff Yoders
Engineering News Record’s podcast is filled with great information and knowledge, just like the magazine is. But in the podcast, you get to hear the voices behind the news, which I find very interesting and much more telling and insightful. Each week they deliver interviews of industry experts and decision-makers on the latest industry innovations, issues, and developments. I think you get to know the people much more deeply than just reading an article in the magazine.

Who It’s For: If you subscribe to ENR, you might want to listen to this podcast and keep up on the happenings in the construction industry as reported by this top magazine.

#6. The ConTech Crew – James Benham
This is the podcast for anyone in the industry that wants to keep up on new technology in the industry. Topics range from software, robots, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, construction apps, and more. There is likely nothing that is defining the future of construction today more than the evolution of new technologies and the progress of their applications to real world construction projects.

Who It’s For: Those who want to understand the new technologies and applications that are emerging and how they are being used.

#7. Design Build Delivers – DBIA
This show is produced by the Design Build Institute of America (DBIA) and highlights the design build delivery method(s) by talking with real design build pros. It covers design, construction, how to select team members, and other advice for owners. DBIA is committed to helping to transform the way we deliver infrastructure projects. I also know they have spearheaded Progressive Design Build, which is now being used on most large buildings.

Who It’s For: Those who are using, or wish to learn to use, the design build delivery method(s).

#8. In the Blue – Bluebeam
This podcast stopped making episodes, but much of the information is still relevant and worth listening to. U.S. CAD Bluebeam software continues to grow in use across all sectors of the industry. This podcast offers listeners information and knowledge about all things Bluebeam, especially Bluebeam Revu. I love that they offer solutions to some of the technical problems you might face, especially when you are just starting to use Bluebeam Revu. You will learn about training and tools to help you understand what is possible with Bluebeam and how others are using it.

Who It’s For: Leaders who want to more effectively use Bluebeam for their projects, and those who want to try to use Bluebeam, but need to understand more.

#9. The Connecting Construction Podcast – Trimble
This podcast is produced by Trimble who produces ProjectSight project management software. But the podcast discusses widespread topics around project management and is a good listen with interesting topics. I really like how they bring in people from different parts of the industry to share how they integrate software with their operations.

Who It’s for: Project managers, construction business owners, and others who are interested in project management.

#10. Inside Modular – Modular Building Institute
I love to learn about leading edge methods that are emerging, and modularization is one of these. This podcast is from the Modular Building Institute. So, if you are interested in learning about what is happening in modular construction, including issues, news, and trends, then you will love this podcast.

Who It’s For: If you are running a modular building business, of course you want to listen. But this trend toward modularization and building offsite and then installing on site is growing, and you might want to listen to keep on top of what is happening. 

Well, that is it, Construction Nation, my curated Top 10 Podcasts for Construction Leaders in 2022! I hope you will click on one of these today, find an episode that interests you, and listen! I know I used to pay thousands of dollars each year to buy books and audio courses.  Today much of that information is all free and right in your phone. What a wonderful world!!

In Trust,

P.S.  Curious how you can improve your project’s chance at success?



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