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Susan Drumm | Enlightened Leadership – Change Your Brain with Music

Hey Construction Nation!

What’s your favorite song?
When you hear it does it make you feel happy?  Contented? 
Do you remember a special moment?

Music can easily evoke emotion. A song you learned as a child is often remembered all your life, even when we can hardly recall what we did yesterday. Music effects a different place in the brain where emotion is created. Because of this, music can be one of the most effective ways to shift your mindset to become a more effective leader.

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Susan Drumm, CEO of Meritage Leadership Development. Susan has been using music for years to help Fortune 500 leaders become more effective. She just wrote a book about this that came out on October 16th. It is called The Leader’s Playlist.

Susan has a very interesting background. She graduated from Harvard Law, then went to Carnegie Mellon to study business, and then decided to go to the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts where she studied acting and music. This unique blending of learning led her to really understand the impact that music can have to overcome barriers we have as leaders.

I hope you will tune into the Lead with Trust Podcast and listen to this provocative and interesting discussion (or watch the interview on my YouTube Channel). Being a musician myself, it really resonated with me, and I hope it does for you too.

Have a great week Construction Nation,

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