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The Project Risk Gap with Geoff Neumayr

Dear Construction Nation, 

How many projects have you been on where there is an ongoing conflict over who is responsible for the financial issues on your project? We try to create contracts and delivery methods for taking the “hot potato” of risk and passing it on to someone else – the designer, general contractor, subcontractors, etc. This happens every day and on most projects. So, I sat down with Geoff Neumayr, the Chief Development Officer at San Francisco International Airport, and the Immediate Past President of the Design Build Institute of America, to discuss the core reason for this huge issue in the construction industry. Geoff has a very clear picture of the core reason for this: The Sperrin Doctrine. 

I think this is such an important episode Construction Nation that I hope you will watch the video or listen to it on Lead with Trust Podcast 

Listen in, as we explore the “adversarial” relationships that the construction industry has, both in reality and in public perception.

Geoff will share the history of the Spearin Doctrine. The Spearin Doctrine is a legal principle that holds that when a contractor follows the plans and specifications furnished by the owner, and those plans and specifications turn out to be defective or insufficient, the contractor is not liable to the owner for any loss or damage resulting from the defective plans and specifications. We also talk about the design professional’s Standard of Care requirement that allows that designers do not have to provide “perfect” set of plans and specifications. So, the gap created by these two legal principles has created 100 years of fighting and reduced productivity. Geoff has worked to create a process that helps solve this dilemma that he will share.

Let me know what you think Construction Nation.

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