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Trust Workshop

"Trust doesn’t exist by itself – it exists between people!"

Focused on serving you, as the construction business leader, the sudyco™ Trust Workshop is customized to the specific needs and objectives you have for creating a high-trust, high-performing construction business.

Many construction leaders today need to be able to do more with the same people. They see their team is not firing on all cylinders. They see frustration, conflict, and waste in different areas. This of course affects your projects and customers, but it also affects your ability to achieve your goals! It is essential if you want to use collaborative delivery methods! At times, you might feel overwhelmed, and doubt your own abilities.


Leading and Building
A High Trust Construction Business
Should Not Be A Mystery

When your business has “trust issues” you must deal with a lot of things that put your business at risk:

We understand:

  • The pressure of leading can at times be overwhelming.
  • How poor communication can be frustrating and play havoc.
  • It can be all-consuming to try and meet the promises made to customers.
  • That you can’t have collaboration without TRUST

The level of trust you have in your business absolutely determines what happens on your projects. Sue Dyer has loved construction for over 40 years. She is a thought- leader in creating collaboration within construction environments. Sue and her team see the need for more trust within construction businesses and those that support construction projects (including; general contractors, builders, owners, subcontractors, designers, construction managers, materials suppliers, equipment suppliers, technology suppliers, joint venture partners, and anyone wanting to do collaborative delivery methods).

Sue has facilitated partnering for over 4,000 construction projects worth over $180 billion, including 48,000 executive leaders. She has resolved over $1billion in construction disputes and created collaborative processes where on average, the teams were able to save $10% of the total cost, 10% of total time, 12% of improved satisfaction, increased safety, innovation, quality, and often – produce extraordinary business results.

Clients have used the Trust Workshop to:

We design each Trust Workshop to YOUR objective(s)

For each one-day Trust Workshop, we will take you through a trust-building process where you and your team will co-create together.

Each workshop is unique, but there is a skeleton that supports most workshops:

Skeleton for a Trust Workshop:

Overarching Objective: Prevent/overcome wasted effort/frustration

Clear Specific Objective: This is captured during the pre-workshop meeting

Here are a few case studies where the Trust Workshop has been used successfully to grow trust.

Finger Pointing Between Divisions

The Problem

When every meeting ended up with two divisions pointing fingers at each other, the General Manager decided it was time to have a Trust Workshop between the two divisions. Each division was a part of a larger process. Division “D” handed off to Division “C”. Division “C” keep finding mistakes in what they were given, so Division “C” had to try and figure out how to fix the errors, because Division “D” had moved on to other required work and 80% of the funding was spent during the “C” divisions process.

The Trust Workshop

The Trust Workshop allowed the two divisions to get to know each other as people. It also allowed each division to better understand the other’s frustrations, points, and needs. They realized there was no feedback loop between the divisions so they could help each other. Together, they decided to co-create a set of measures for the impacts that Division “D” had on Division “C”. Once the measures were developed, they worked to create the data needed for a quarterly report. Each measure had an agreed upon threshold for what was okay.

The Results

The Division “D” and “C” team used the quarterly measures report to see how they could make improvements in the hand off and resolution of any errors that did get handed off. They began to make overall improvements to the process and share all of the results and ideas with everyone in the divisions. The finger pointing stopped and a dialogue around how to help each other started, and continues to this day.

Leaders Are Not Gelling Together

The Problem

A new application was being deployed. A team was created that included the application creator and the business IT manager. There were team members from each division too. The business IT manager felt very protective of his “system” and never wanted to allow access to the “creator”. This also set up the other division team members to feel protective and empowered to keep the status quo. Communication was poor and ended up in rounds of emails about highly detailed applications. The roll out was over due by six months, and it seemed that they were never going to get to a successful deployment.

The Trust Workshop

At the Trust Workshop it became clear that the two team leaders were locked in an adversarial loop where they could not make progress forward. It was decided that one of the leaders needed to be changed, so that the dynamic could change. Both leaders volunteered to step down. In the end, the original IT manager stepped away and allowed a new IT manager to take over. Almost immediately the team dynamic shifted, and trust began to grow.

The Results

Once there was a fresh start, the deployment got back on schedule and even made up for some of the lost time. The IT manager exchanged projects with another IT manager, and they loved her there. Sometimes when people don’t “gel”, keeping them in place does a disservice to them, the team, and the business.

Needing To Align An Executive Team

The Problem

It had been years since all the leaders had been in a room together. The former Director was a “divide and conquer” type of leader. No one knew each other, or really what they were working on. There was a new Director now. The different leaders felt protective of their people, budget, and ability to influence. No one wanted to be open and share – let alone work together.

The Trust Workshop

The Trust Workshop started off by exploring what each leader needed to be successful. To their amazement, they all needed the same things. This allowed them to be open and talk about what they were working on, what was of highest priority, and what they hoped to achieve this year. Once everyone understood that they created the results for the business together, they co-created goals for the business that they were truly committed to achieving.

The Results

The leaders were so excited about the goals they developed for the business that they took them back to their teams and together each leaders’ team developed their operational goals to support the business’ goals. With this alignment, the business started to gain a great deal of momentum. They attracted new customers and were able to negotiate better terms with vendors. They got more and more aligned and began to work as one team looking to achieve excellence.

You and Your Team Can Do More...

When you book a Trust Workshop, we will schedule a pre-workshop meeting. During this call, we’ll explore and identify the specific objective(s) you have for your Trust Workshop, along with who needs to attend to achieve that outcome.

Don’t Let Your Potential Be Lost

If things continue as they are, ask yourself, what is mostly likely to happen? If you don’t like the outcome, then it is time to act. You don’t want to see your business not live up to its potential…or even worse be, and the reputation you’ve built, be damaged.

Our Commitment to You

We are very excited to serve you by designing and facilitating a Trust Workshop for you and your business. We take this very seriously. We make the following commitments to you:

Invest In Yourself and Your Business…

What impact does your lack of trust have on your construction projects?

What value would solving the key trust issue(s) in your business be worth to your bottom line this year? How about over time? What would be possible that is not possible right now?

Most experts of Sue’s caliber charge tens of thousands of dollars for a customized workshop.

Sue, and her team of Master Level Trust Facilitators, are on a mission to help construction leaders experience how to build trust in their business, to gain the results few construction-related businesses ever achieve; so they can learn to apply the approach within their business and projects.




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