The Trusted Leader Workshop

Invest 2 Days for Your Leadership Team to Learn What it Takes to 

Think and Act Like a Trusted Leader that Creates a High Performing Team and Business

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Gain Customer Loyalty

Enjoy Higher Profit


Leading and Growing a High Trust, High Performing Business Should Not Be a Mystery and the Proven Steps to Making this Happen Should Be Made Available to You

When your business is not built on a foundation of trust you must deal with a lot of things that put your business at risk…

Trusted Leaders are not “born". They are self made.

The sudyco™ Trusted Leader Workshop starts your Trusted Leader journey and helps you understand, train, and practice using the proven 2-step Partnering Approach. So you start immediately to grow a culture of trust so your team and business can soar.

High Trust = High Performance

The ability to create a high trust high performing team and business is the critical element for leaders today… at all levels; in all industries

Until now, this proven Partnering Approach was only available to elite construction leaders, where it produced:

The Private sudyco™ Trusted Leader Workshop brings this proven approach to you and your business so you can reap the rewards that a high trust culture brings.

We understand:

  • The pressure of leading can at times be overwhelming .
  • How poor communication can be frustrating and play havoc.
  • It can be all consuming to try and meet the promises made to customers.

We’ve guided over 48,000 leaders in creating a culture of trust.

Helped on over $180 billion worth of projects/initiatives.

Watched hundreds of teams achieve what they thought was impossible, together.

The Live Private 2-day sudyco™ Trusted Leader Workshop

What is a leader? A leader is someone that has followers. And, following is 100% voluntary! People follow a leader because they trust them.

This Live Private 2-day sudyco™ Trusted Leader Workshop is about starting your journey toward becoming the leader people follow. Only trusted leaders create trusted businesses in their market segment. Trusted businesses enjoy a competitive advantage that no one can match.

You and Your Team Can Do More

When you book a workshop, we will schedule a pre-workshop interview. During this call, we’ll explore what you would like to accomplish as a result of your sudyco™ Trusted Leader Workshop, so we can guide you and work to optimize your results from the workshop.

Our Commitment to you:

We are very excited for you to start your Trusted Leader journey, and we take this very seriously. We are on a mission to create Trusted Leaders that can create Trusted Businesses. We make the following commitments to you:

    1. We will share our unique perspective, having worked with thousands of leaders, to guide you in getting the greatest return on investment from this workshop. 
    2. We will give you the tools to practice and continue to improve. It is a journey. You don’t have to be perfect. 
    3. You are not alone. You will have access to the sudyco™ team via a private email during the 12-months you are implementing your plan. 
    4. We will work to create an approach that fits your budget.
Day One


Understand Your Trusted Leader Style
The morning focuses on each person, as a leader, and works to improve their ability to lead. You will understand what kills businesses and how to overcome these forces. You will learn the sudyco™ Trusted Leader model and where you fall along the Continuum of Leadership. You will get a snapshot of your strengths and weaknesses as a leader at this point in time.


Learn to Use the Partnering Approach
Then you will learn the 2- keys to the Partnering Approach. The Partnering Approach allows you to think and act like a trusted leader for your organization. To achieve this, you will want to start training your brain through daily practice to think and act like a Trusted Leader. Your brain is a beautiful bio-computer that can help or hinder you.

Day Two


Create Your Trust Strategy
Day two builds what you’ve learned to co-create a strategy and implementation plan for your business based on the Trusted Leader model. During the morning you will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your current business culture, and where you can achieve the greatest benefit from improving the level of trust. You will work to create a sustainable trust strategy for your business that elevates your competitive advantage.


12-Month Trust Strategy Implementation Plan
Armed with your trust strategy, you and your leadership team will co-create a 12-month Trusted Leader Implementation Plan specific for your business. The real benefits of learning how to become a Trusted Leader is implementing in throughout your organization. It is like starting a Trust Movement! This may include a Trusted Leader Scorecard so you can measure how well you and your team are doing at implementing the commitments you’ve made.